Private Cloud is the most recognizable configuration of the cloud concept existing in the market today. Private cloud computing is a consolidation of the cloud resources in the organization under one virtual infrastructure, separated from the wide public cloud, while combined with additional virtual solutions and advanced management and control systems. Beyond the virtual environment, the DR and backup solutions, the redundant and available storage array, the secure and fast traffic and troubleshooting service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the highlight of Private Cloud Computing is the significant cost savings as well as the ease of the control and operation and the full utilization of computing resources. Private Cloud Computing solution in ANSOL enables customers to transfer their entire server room to the cloud with no limit of servers or licensing. The storage capacity on site includes connection to SAN and NAS environments, advanced data protection, disk backup array, fast transmission and communication lines which provide almost identical user experience to the local network, remote access solutions and security systems.