ANSOL vCloud services provide an inexpensive and effective solution for companies that need a complex server infrastructure and strong processing power without the need for purchasing servers, storage or hosting. The vCloud services enable the organizations to build and manage secure virtual centers on a cloud infrastructure with confidence, high performance, extensive computing capacity and flexible billing options. The vCloud services in the ANSOL  cloud give the customer full control over the IT infrastructure. vCloud services include an easily built management interface and management of virtual machines, the ability to upload and download machines from the customer’s existing infrastructure easily and more. The environment allows for the setting up of private networks that are isolated from one another so that the servers’ environment will be secure. The service allows for the creation of a VM Template from virtual machines that can be copied numerous times, which makes it suitable for creating advanced environments for testing and advanced QA, as well as for backup and production - quickly and easily.

  • As part of vCloud services you can purchase Snapshot Service – creates a full copy of the entire server, without any effect on the system’s performance. In case of system failure, you can restore to a previously saved copy, up to five days back.